The kitchen area made of genuine and authentic flavors allows all guests to discover local tastes and to live Lucca and Tuscany in the best way: the banner of his tastes and his extraordinary dishes.

The province of Lucca is in fact renowned for the richness and goodness of its local products such as spelled of Garfagnana, cured meats and cheeses, mushrooms, the extra-virgin olive oil and red and white wines.


Local food, made with authentic and genuine ingredients, allows our guests to discover the typical flavors and to live the Lucchesia and Tuscany experience in the best way possible: dedicated to their tastes and their amazing dishes.

In fact, the province of Lucca is famous for the richness and the goodness of its typical products like Garfagnana spelt, cold cuts, cheese, edible boletus mushrooms, extra-virgin olive oil and the fine red and white wines.

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