If you want to learn more about Tuscany culture and history you can sightsee, within a few Kilometers, breathtaking ancient villages and beautiful artistic cities like Florence, Lucca and Pisa.

In the area surrounding our structure there are some of the most fascinating “Ville Lucchesi” of the XVI century, which formerly were summer residences for the richer population of Lucca, featuring amazing gardens, ornamental water features, fresh, statues and immense halls.

Just like other cities in Tuscany, Lucca, the “city of 100 churches”, features many works of art, just like an open-work museum. The big city walls of Lucca, about 4 km long, are the biggest European example of walls built by following the “modern fortification” principles that is still well-preserved nowadays.

Moving to East, we find Collodi, a medieval town, with the astounding Villa Garzoni, the Butterfly House and the park devoted to Pinocchio.

To the south, on namesake hills, it lies the peculiar medieval town of Montecarlo, famous for its DOC wines, for Cerruglio stronghold and the small Rassicurati theatre, dated back to 1795.

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