Rental Price

The given rental price is expressed in Euros and is meant per week per unit rented, except for the prices listed on our “Reservations” page for rentals of less than a week that relate to booking 3 or 4 or 5 or 6 days.
It includes: initial cleaning, bed linen, towels and kitchen linen change every week, use of swimming pool from mid-May to mid-October.
It does not include: security deposit, heating costs, damages and any other assistance requested by the customer which must be paid on site.

Reservation and Payment

Reservations must be made by fax or e-mail. Upon confirmation of booking, the customer must pay 20% of the total amount of the lease payment in the manner provided. A receipt of payment, together with a copy of this Regulation will be returned, for appropriate knowledge and acceptance. 
 The balance must be cleared 60 days prior to arrival. Failure to observe these rules will result in the cancellation of the booking. Any amounts already paid for will be refunded with the deduction of administration charges (EUR 20.00) and deductions provided as described in section “CANCELLATIONS”.


If for any reason a customer has to withdraw the booking, the same shall be entitled to reimbursement paid minus the booking fee (EUR 20.00) and the penalties listed below:
⁃ – 10% of the amount paid for cancellations prior to 60 days before the beginning of the lease.
⁃ – 30% of the amount paid for cancellations received between 59 and 40 days before the rental.
⁃ – 75% of the amount paid for cancellations received between 39 ° and 15 days prior to the lease.
⁃ – 100% of the amount paid for cancellations received the day of commencement of the lease.

Changing Reservations

To request changes on existing bookings which may involve the change of the period of accommodation, management will seek to achieve a settlement by mutual agreement, and in any case within the limits of availability of housing and at our complete discretion. In this case, only the sum of 30 € will be charged for the execution of the practice. 
 If you are unable to change, the request will be considered canceled with the the cancellation terms set out above.

In case of unavailability of accomodation

If circumstances beyond their control to provide customers of the accommodation booked, the management reserves the right to assign another similar (or better) property for the same price, or, in extreme cases, to cancel the booking, reimbursing the tourist the whole amount paid. The customer refunded this way can not make further refund claims for any reason. The acceptance of the new housing will extinguish any right to any refund or solicitations of any kind.

Arrival of the guest

Accommodation shall occur on Saturdays (or any other agreed day for bookings of less than a week) on afternoon between 16.00 and 19.00. The customers will be welcomed by our staff which will give them a warm welcome along with the keys of the house and then show them the accommodation, the services and the areas reserved to them. The apartments will be delivered clean and tidy. In case of delay, the customer must call for and notify to telephone numbers listed on the site. The accommodation will be delivered as soon as possible by our direction, which will not be liable for any kind of refund. For any case of arrival outside the scheduled time, the customer may be asked for an extra charge from € 30 to € 100. 
On arrival, the customer must present proof of identity of all the people for which the booking was made, in order to allow them to be recorded for the competent authorities. 
 It’s forbidden to stay in the house in a number of people higher than the maximum allowed, except for children under three years and provided that the tourist has the bed with its own linen or, upon prior request at the time of booking, the one provided by us. Upon delivery of the keys, the customer must pay a security deposit in cash of 200 €. 
 The owner reserves the right to access the rented housing to carry out essential maintenance.

Refusal or estrangement of the customer

Housing may be refused to the customer in the following cases:
⁃ inconsistency of the booking data and the customer’s
⁃ no documents
⁃ failure to pay the balance on arrival or security deposit
⁃ In the event that anyone of the guests is replaced by someone else, the Direction takes the right to ask said person(s)’ immediate dismission at any time.
 The customer may be dismissed during the stay even in case of behaviours contrary to the most elementary rules of civil education. The immediate removal will result in loss of any money the customer already paid, without prejudice to additional damages fees.

The Stay

LINEN: linen change is provided once a week. 
 The towels should not be used as pillows on the couch or outside for the pool, and they can not be used outside of the apartments in any way. In the event of misconduct, additional costs will be charged.
POOL: The pool is in operation from Mid May to  Mid October. The use of the pool is free and is reserved exclusively for our customers only, as friends and outer guests are not allowed. 
You must shower before entering the swimming pool. 
It’s the parents’ responsibility to exercise custody and supervision of their own children, and to monitor their behavior.

PETS: Pets are not allowed.


Guests must vacate the house between 09.00 and 10.00 on Saturdays (or any other agreed day for bookings of less than a week), to allow us to the house before the arrival of new tourists. 
 It is still expected of our customers a summary clean before departure, with particular reference to the kitchen areas, or they’ll have to pay a penalty of 10 € per person which will be deducted from the deposit. The deposit will be refunded upon departure, minus the amount of heating costs, if used, and the sums relating to any damage caused to the housing. The client is held liable for any damage cost in excess of the deposit. 
 For departures outside the fixed times, and in the case we can not verify the condition of the home, the deposit will be returned by post (less any deductions for damages and expenses) once the housing has been checked.


For any complaint, the customers can contact us via the contact informations at their disposal, and the Direction will work quickly to solve any problem. Eventual claims for facts or events, such as to cause relevant damage or such as to induce the customer to claim compensation for the damage received must be notified by filling the appropriate forms in, which are available by the structure and must be delivered to one of its representatives. Complaints after departure and not reported thru the written forms will not be accepted.
 In case of complaint the customer has to give the Direction the time needed to solve the problem. Should there be no claim made in the forms stated above, customers who leave the accommodation prematurely forfeit their rights for a refund of the rental price and will not under any circumstances be reimbursed for hotel expenses and other costs incurred. “Il Sole” is not responsible for any accidents, theft, damage to persons or things just because they occurred within the property in any way.

Additional Terms

The act of booking and the act the customer’s input into the lease means in fact accepting these general conditions of the lease by law. The customer may ascribe to “Il Sole” Company the consequences of a possible ignorance of these terms and conditions. The Company is required to protect its interest in the Italian law, to make the customer sign a form where they are given these conditions, form that will be sent with confirmation and returned to us with signatures upon the customer’s arrival. The person signing the booking form, to whom the Voucher will be addressed upon, will be held responsible for the lease.


For any legal dispute the jurisdiction for the territory is the one of Lucca. The contract will be governed by Italian laws.

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